Message Express - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Message Express Message Service?

It is a message only service in the sense that our friendly, professional receptionists answer calls in your business name with messages sent instantly to you by SMS and / or email. Message Express operates 24x7 so you will be able to focus on your business with the knowledge you will never miss a call!

What's the difference between Virtual Receptionist and Message Express?

With the Virtual Receptionist service a live receptionist answers and routs your calls exactly as you require such that callers will think our receptionist is sitting in your office. So a typical greeting might be: “Good morning/afternoon [your company name], Jenny speaking, how may I help you?”

Calls can be introduced and transferred to the relevant staff member or a message taken which is instantly sent via email and / or SMS to the relevant staff member.

The receptionists are also able to provide callers with information about your company such as your address, web site address, what your business does, your fax number etc.

The Message Express Message Service still has a live receptionist answering the phone in your business name but the greeting must be:

“Good morning/afternoon [your company name]. May I have your message please?”

This gives callers the impression we are an answering service. The receptionist cannot answer any questions but merely takes a message which can be emailed and / or SMS’d to you. Calls cannot be introduced and transferred to you or staff with the Message Express Service.

You can upgrade to the Virtual Receptionist service at any time from the Message Express Message Service and vice versa.

If I sign up for the Free 7 Day Trial, how long before your receptionists can be answering our calls?

Immediately. It only takes a few minutes to set up the Free Trial. We can be answering and handling your telephone calls in three or four minutes from now. Literally, it is that quick.

Is the Free 7 Day Trial available for Message Express and is it totally FREE?

Yes you are able to take advantage of our Free 7 Day Trial offer for our Message Express Service. Message Express can be set up in minutes and instantly we can be answering your calls and sending you messages. Everything is FREE in the Free Trial. There is absolutely no charge for anything, whether you have 1 or 101 staff.

Is it true there are no security deposits or set up fees?

Yes there are NO set up fees and NO security deposits during or after the FREE trial.

Is it true Message Express is only month to month? (i.e. no long term contracts)

This is correct. There are no long term contracts it is just month to month. Cease the service at any time by giving us just one working days minimum notice. There are NO cancellation charges.

Can I cease the service at any time with no cancellation charges?

Yes you can cease the service at any time. Just give us at least one working day's notice and that’s it. No questions asked. There are absolutely NO cancellation fees.

Can I have more than one local phone number to present a national image?

Yes! You can have one or multiple local telephone numbers. We cover all major cities Australia wide including Sydney (02), Melbourne (03), Adelaide (08), Brisbane (07), Canberra (062) and Perth (08) to name the majors. Simply call or email us and we can add additional phone and fax numbers instantly to your service.

Can I just sign up for the Message Express service only and nothing else?

Absolutely. Each of our Virtual Office services is independent of the other in the sense you may choose one, many or none! Add or delete a service at any time whether that be one of our Live Answering Services or our Virtual Mail Address service, the later being available at any one of our 50+ business centres Australia wide.

Can I upgrade from Message Express to the Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Service instantly?

You are able to upgrade or downgrade at any time as your call volumes or requirements change. It is Free to change plans within our Virtual Receptionist phone answering or Message Express message services.




Adelaide 08 8311 3902
Brisbane 07 3036 5202
Cairns 07 4027 9502
Canberra 02 6103 0972
Darwin 08 6313 3902
Gold Coast 07 5677 0502
Hobart 03 6251 1741
Melbourne 03 8677 0802
Perth 08 6313 3902
Sydney 02 8088 0702


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