A Receptionist "On Tap" (Never Miss a Call)

Never Miss Another Call with a “Receptionist Up Your Sleeve”

It takes time and costs a lot of money to win new customers so it’s important to keep them happy or they will go elsewhere. That’s why over 2,500 customers take advantage of our 24x7 Live Answering Service so they will “never miss another call”. What impression do your customers get when they call your company?

Your own friendly Virtual Receptionist can be answering your telephone calls in 4-5 minutes from now. Put us to the test with our NO obligation FREE 7 Day Trial. Can you afford to miss calls?


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Do any of these scenarios occur in your business?
Business #Staff Telephone Call Answering Process - Scenarios Possible Customer Perception
Micro 1

I'm on the phone so callers often hear the "busy" signal.

I'm driving to a client meeting so I can't answer the call.

I'm in a client meeting so my mobile is turned off.

I'm not available due to family commitments.

He's a one man band. Can he handle an account my size?

If I can't reach him now, what will it be like when I'm really stuck?

Small 2-19

Some team members are offsite, the rest on other calls so the phone rings out. People just hang up.

We're all in our weekly team building meeting so it's frustrating to answer the phone.

The person who normally answers calls is at lunch so whoever is here just answers the phone as best they can

They give great service, when I can get hold of someone!

Maybe I should have gone with their competitor. They always answered their phone promptly

I just don't feel comfortable.

Medium 20-999

When our receptionist is on leave we often get a temp receptionist but it's a hassle to train a new one every time. Just when she's up to speed she leaves us.

We have two receptionists but when one is at lunch or off sick, phones go unanswered if we get a rush of calls.

If the phone keeps ringing because the receptionist is busy after a while someone in admin will answer the call.

We find it hard to retain receptionists. I understand they don't really feel part of the team as they always have to stay back and answer the phones when the rest of us have an offsite team meeting.

I thought they were more professional. "Hi, John speaking" was not the image I expected!

It's often 10-15 rings before my call is answered. It frustrates me they can't answer the phone quickly. Can I rely on them?

The receptionist doesn't seem happy. That's the face of their business! I'm having second thoughts about my decision?




We believe if you have a genuine need to have your phone calls answered and handled by our professional receptionists you will be so impressed that you will want to continue after the FREE Trial with a month to month subscription. But there is NO obligation to continue after the Free Trial.

Our 24/7 Live Answering Service FREE 7 Day Trial is FREE whether you have 1, 3, 4 or 144 staff. All staff can be set up in the Free Trial to receive calls and messages. There are NO Security Deposits and NO Setup Fees during or after the free trial. There is NO Charge for anything during the FREE Trial.

Increase your Profits. Sign up for a FREE 7 Day Trial or contact us now with any questions. It takes 4-5 minutes to set up. We can be answering your calls in 5 minutes from now!




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